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Mediumship 101 - Deciphering between adult and child spirits and time periods 5nvklj

Mediumship 101 - Deciphering between adult and child spirits and time periods 9tpt39


Mediumship 101 - Deciphering between adult and child spirits and time periods


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Mediumship 101 - Deciphering between adult and child spirits and time periods Empty Mediumship 101 - Deciphering between adult and child spirits and time periods

Post by Cloud on Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:30 pm

Hi all

I usually link in with so many other websites articles, I thought it was about time I jotted down a few of my thoughts and methods to share with those who are interested in developing their mediumship

For starters, I really do think spiritualist churches are great for developing your abilities when it comes to mediumship . Circles can really help some people and there are good ones out there, bad too, but you'll find that anywhere. You don't necessarily have to join a medium circle to develop your skills to enable you to read well. It just takes time and dedication and you have to really want this and believe in yourself and trust in spirit too. After all spirit are never wrong, its just our interpretations can be wrong.... but that's ok because how one medium interprets things is not always how another will. Some will hear spirit some will see them, some will sense them, some will have all of this going on at once. No matter how you receive you have as much potential as anybody else.

I'll post as many tips as I can but will keep them short-ish. Feel free to share your own thoughts as well.

Personally I treat spirit visitors like I would living visitors, i'll always greet them, invite them to talk with me and be patient  in ''listening'' like I would with a living person who was  coming to tell me something. Being relaxed is key so it's good to always start off with some relaxation time, for you to let go of your own stressors, the events of your week/month/day.. and to cut out background distractions. Many mediums find reading easier at night for this reason. It's much easier to follow through with links and keep them strong, as it's usually quiet and no demands.

How I tell between adult and younger ones:
As basic as this may seem to some mediums I know for beginners it's really a good question. Not all mediums or beginner mediums will be able to see , hear , or just know, so  being able to tell which is which can help.

I start off by asking them if they are male or female. Bearing in mind I can often see them, this is not always so I have a rule in place that spirit always respect... if you are male you'll stand to my  left... females will always stand to the right. Sometimes I will instantly know whether male or female because I will feel more energy towards the left... or the right. If not, I sit patiently and if time is moving on I will then ask them to touch my shoulder/hand/arm, or give me a noticeable sign on either side. 9 times out of ten this works. Sometimes I have felt icy on one side and sometimes I have actually felt tapping or a cobweb feeling. Sometimes i'll see orbs to one side , sometimes there'll be a noise in the room, on either side.

Spirit are changeable in how they can and will communicate - this is important to remember. Not every spirit will be coming through so strong that you can see, hear and feel them, some will be so subtle and gentle, you may need to increase your awareness of your surroundings (physical) to notice any changes. Changes can be in temperature, electrical activity (lights flickering, ) items moving, noises, footsteps, you name it, it's likely.

Spirit Adults: If you are usually  a people-person and generally spend a lot of time around adults you should have no problem in telling whether it's an adult or a child. The most difficult part is knowing exact ages. (Will come on to that later). Adult spirits will show as taller apparitions, if you can see. They will usually give you images of past events. For example, a lady who is showing you photgraphic images of the Titanic. This is likely someone who was born in (or before) the early 1900's if they remember the titanic  in 1912.
Someone who has passed recently (and who may be a teen) may come talking about something up to date, something recent, or if you can see them , clothing and/or songs that come to you may be a good giveaway.

Example: if you are able to hear songs in your mind as links, hearing frank Sinatra vs hearing Ariana grande music. Latter is the younger person, Sinatra is likely to be elder

Height:   not always a good indicator as young ones can be taller and vice versa but coupled with other information you see/hear/feel you can usually tell.

So how I structure my readings is usually
first...... are you male or female....
..... are you able to pass on a song for your loved one?
.....  I am open to you appearing, (waits for any possible sighting.. but does not matter if not).

Next, you may even see numbers in your mind. Never second guess yourself. If you see 34 and you really feel intuitively that it means something, it probably does.
Whether it's the date the person died, the age the person would be now, or whether it was a significant time in their lives, your sitters will appreciate it.

It means something and as a medium you are simply here to help relay messages and help in healing, whilst doing so, part of readings is showing evidence that you are truly connecting to your sitters loved ones. Whether you get 1 or two pieces of evidence to validate, or 10.. your sitters will know who is who after you sharing what you trust. Practice always makes perfect, if you get it wrong it's ok, move on to other identifying techniques.

Spirit will work hard to help you out, meet them half way and they will meet you half way.
Whilst I know this sounds so basic, I know for people starting off it's all confusing and many are too embarrassed to ask  because they worry they'll be laughed at. Don't be ever.


Mediumship 101 - Deciphering between adult and child spirits and time periods Jl2e89

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