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History of Mediumship - 19th Century onwards 5nvklj

History of Mediumship - 19th Century onwards 9tpt39


History of Mediumship - 19th Century onwards


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History of Mediumship - 19th Century onwards Empty History of Mediumship - 19th Century onwards

Post by Cloud on Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:53 am

Mediumship (communication with  passed spirits) has ancient roots and whilst it became popular in the 19th century, it has been important to mankind throughout history.
Understandably, the desire to contact those that have passed over goes hand-in-hand with our life.  Most cultures developed their own version of a psychic or a medium who could communicate with the spirits of the passed.

Mediums were often revered for their predictions and visions at a time when being forewarned of natural disasters, crop failures and extreme weather conditions was vital  information

In many civilizations, including ancient Greece and Egypt, mediums were advisors to royalty and other prominent figures, meaning they had a significant influence on important events of their day

All serious religions have attempted some type of spiritual contact and there numerous biblical references to mediumship both in the Old and New Testament.
Many Eastern religions practice a form of ancestral worship and most historic religions offer reverence to a soul which exists after death. This was essentially a precursor to the mediumship we know today

Even many non-religious people find it hard to believe that some part of their being doesn’t survive physical death.

However, it was more recently that it gained proper modern day acceptance.  In 1848 at Hydesville in upstate New York, two young girls, Katie and Maggie Fox created a first public demonstration of mediumship by using an elaborate system of handclapping to contact the deceased ‘Mr Splitfoot’.

It caused a sensation and word spread quickly as the hamlet became inundated with people wishing to find a medium and make a form of contact with their loved ones who had passed over.

It drew on a reaction against what some viewed as the inability of Christianity and Secular Humanism to provide spiritual and ethical guidance.

This new interest in mediumship centred on the role of the medium and it became apparent that some people possessed a gift to communicate with spirits, a talent which may previously have lain dormant.

Some mediums were able to see, hear and feel spirits who wanted to make contact with loved ones and those left behind and their talents were in demand.

Mediumship had found a place and began filling a void for many people with the best mediums all over the US and beyond in demand for séances and more.

Fuelled by a human interest to know what lies ahead and to remain in contact with loved ones, mediumship has flourished ever since – despite some rocky times and attacks from critics.

It is arguably more relevant in modern life than at any time before.


History of Mediumship - 19th Century onwards Jl2e89

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