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A -Highly- Recommended Medium Spirit Artist


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A -Highly- Recommended Medium Spirit Artist Empty A -Highly- Recommended Medium Spirit Artist

Post by Cloud on Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:35 am

Wanted to make this post for any of you who are possibly considering getting psychic art done.
Now this is all by chance and I wont go into full story but I reached out to a Medium called Debbie-Dean a couple of years ago. I had never had spirit art done before, I will be honest.. I am no skeptic, being a medium myself. But I did feel a bit curious about whether it would work out. I read a few reviews of hers and I thought why not.

So I got my spirit portrait done .. she did it voluntarily for me with my circumstances, but the picture given was 99% accurate to the person she was connecting with. She has a website Here

She didn't charge me for my portrait as I was grieving at the time and things were very rough, but this lady has so much compassion and is very skilled at what she does. She is based in the uk, though I believe it should be possible to email her. Mine was done digitally and features were all so accurate.

art done by debbie


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