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How to tell if you are a medium 5nvklj

How to tell if you are a medium 9tpt39


How to tell if you are a medium


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How to tell if you are a medium Empty How to tell if you are a medium

Post by Cloud on Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:21 am

To tell if you are a medium

If you have 3 or more of these it's very likely and worth looking into

x You see Spirit
X You feel or hear Spirit
x You feel impressions when you are with strangers. You can often sense their loved ones who have passed, close to them.
x You have had at least 1 occasion where you have accurately described a passed loved one, without knowing them (related to another person)

X You have had many spiritual experiences, hearing spirit, (as a mind- thought-like voice or otherwise)
X You frequently see shadowy figures and or ghostly apparitions
X You are able to pick up on energies in old, historical buildings or grounds. Example, picking up on activities in an a castle, abandoned building, old home. Whilst picking up on this, you see, feel, hear, or sense what happened during the passed peoples lives. And sometimes may sense how they died.

X An instant knowing when a missing person will be found alive or not (being able to sense a deceased person vs a living one).

X You have had frequent visits from loved ones, whether as a child or adult, you have seen, heard, smelled scents, or felt a loved one near, sometimes followed by some 'paranormal' activity

X You believe you are psychic , and have the added gift of (seeing, hearing, sensing) spirit. Whether or not you yet know how to give a reading

(feel free to add on any more you can think of all) I love you

How to tell if you are a medium Jl2e89
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How to tell if you are a medium Empty Re: How to tell if you are a medium

Post by astraldreamer on Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:08 pm

hmm I have a few of these.

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