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Curious if I should be worried or... what? 5nvklj

Curious if I should be worried or... what? 9tpt39


Curious if I should be worried or... what?


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Curious if I should be worried or... what? Empty Curious if I should be worried or... what?

Post by Ney on Thu Dec 05, 2019 2:44 am

Hello... I am new to the forum and all... but I sought it out because I recently moved into a new apartment with a friend and some things have been happening. And the apartment is not just new to me, or us - it was just built and we were one of the very first tenants to move into the building. It was built on what used to be a vacant lot, as far as I knew. They cleared the woods that used to be here, and built it all brand spanking new.

Quick intro, I am 37, female, happily married, and a mother of one. Currently my living situation is out of convenience for work and extenuating circumstances so my husband and my daughter are in another state at the moment, so I have a roommate here.

At any rate, we moved in November 2nd and have stayed here every night since. For the record, it may sound strange but I am not allowed to be on the lease because I did not pass all the requirements to be. In turn, we could not include my income, either, so we only could qualify for a 1 bedroom apartment. My roommate is on the lease so it is only logical that they have the bedroom that is an actual room, and I was going to set up my room in the living room. Once we got in, though, we realized that the laundry room was a nice size - and we had no plans on getting a washer or dryer (they also have on-site laundry facilities available for tenant use) so I decided that although it was small - it was more than enough for me and it had a door - so I live in the Laundry room.

So - as far as it goes, I only really mention this because at first - the first four or five days everything was great. Slept fine. No issues.

Then I started to notice a smell. It would grow worse at night, and it smelled... dead. Now, being in the laundry room - I do have a dryer vent that vents out.... somewhere on the outside. SO... I logically figured some small rodent or bird must have gotten caught up and possibly died. Internet searches said that it could be lint buildup, however - brand new, never been used. So, I stuffed some old sweatpants in the vent and it blocked any incoming air and the odor.

So, my roommate has OCD, as well. They are always checking to make sure the door is locked at night or they cannot relax to go to sleep. Four times, now - after we have gone to bed, I have gotten up in the morning and found the front door unlocked when I leave for work. My roommate is still sleeping, and nothing seems to be bothered or moved, so I thought MAYBE - maybe they missed it and I didn't want to bring it up and them possibly have some kind of nervous breakdown. (I did bring it up last night.)

I also want to mention that I love sleep. I can normally sleep 8 to 10 hours (more if I have no reason to get up and just want to snuggle up and sleep). I work long hours at work (60 hours a week) and it is labor intensive. I get tired, and I want and need sleep. For the past week (6 days now, in all honesty) I have woken up for no apparent reason at 3 a.m. We currently still do not have any neighbors above us, next to us, across the hall, or downstairs. We do have a couple moving in a couple of apartments over, however they will not be staying here for another week, and have not been here at night.

The first night I awoke, I was still tired and wanted to go back to sleep, and I did. Of course, I checked the clock (to see if it was close to time to get up for work) and it was 3:00 on the nose. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

The second night, I woke and checked the clock. 3 a.m., again. I was a little intrigued, and laid here to see if I could hear anything - and tried to think if I could remember hearing something to cause me to wake up. Nothing that I could think of and nothing was making noise. I fell back asleep.

The third night, I woke up, blistering hot. I could not believe how hot it was in my room. I opened the door to my room and laid at the other end of my bed (closer to the door) and I could feel the cooler air coming in from the hall. I checked the clock and it was 3:02, but it had been a couple of minutes by the time I checked it. With the door open I could very faintly hear my roommate snoring softly. Not unusual. Their door was shut. As I laid there and waited for sleep to come, I heard a thud in the living room. I looked out my door, down the hall, and I could see that my bag I carry (A book bag) that had been sitting on the counter since I got home - 8 hours prior to this event - fell off of the counter and was now laying on the floor. At this point, I stepped out of my room, looked around the corner in the living room, noted that the balcony door was locked, and the front door was locked - but I left my bag laying there as it was really no big deal if it was on the floor. Please note, we have NO furniture in the living area, yet - no couch, chair, it's just an open room, and from my hall I can see all of it. I did not enter the space, but came back to my room, took a drink of my water I keep on the shelf and laid back down. Just as I started to drift off, I heard another noise that made my eyes jerk open - I was unsure what it was but it freaked me out and I was not going to investigate. It was a metallic sound, and I laid there for some time before I fell back asleep, listening to see if there were any other noises at all - I heard none.

I wake at 5 a.m. for work, so it was not too much later my alarm went off and I got up. I then got ready and went out into the living area. My bag was still in the same position on the floor, and I picked it up while I surveyed the room for what may have made the metallic sound I saw nothing on the floor at first - but then I realized - all the change from inside of the pocket of my bag had fallen out onto the floor. it was a nice handful of change, and I just toss it in the front open pocket whenever I get it. But it has been bugging me that after 8 hours of sitting the bag fell off of the counter, and then it took five to ten minutes for the change to finally fall out of the pocket then? I also thought to check the thermostat, and it was set on 76! I knocked it back down to 68, fixed my coffee and went to leave and the front door was already unlocked.

I thought about it all day, and that night I talked to my roommate about it. They said they did not touch the thermostat, had not gotten up, had double checked the door as usual before bed, twice. They are a little bugged out, now.

Night 4 and 5 - I woke at 3 a.m., on the dot. Laid there and listened, still hearing nothing nor remembering hearing anything to wake me. Fell back asleep soon after.

Night 6 - I woke up, checked my clock and it was 2:58. That was last night.

Headed into night 7 and just wondering if I should be doing something or... I don't know...

I guess there are other things I have noticed - every so often I see a dark tall figure out of the corner of my eye in the living room area, an open space with white walls. Or in my kitchen, near the end of my hall. I never noted when it occurred, it was random and various times.

Also, tonight - a new smell started in my room. It smells like an aquarium. Wet, but not moldy. There is no water leaking, running, no open holes I can find. This odor just started today, and it has not rained, and there have been no obvious changes. There is a water drain for the washer hookup, but it is capped off and sealed since it has not yet been used. I have left the door open, however you cannot smell the smell outside of my room, in the hall at all, or anywhere else. Only as you cross the threshold into my room. As I have mentioned it is a small space and for the record I do not own much - I sleep on an air mattress. I deflated it today, and removed it from the room - cleaned the floor, took all of my stuff out and the smell is still here. My items do not smell like it, and the smell of the cleaners or any air freshener that I spray does not retain - it seems to be swallowed by this smell.

In the past I have had various other things happen in places that I lived, but I don't feel like they are related - however, may cause me to believe I may have sensitivities to the paranormal or something. I can explain further but since they are not relevant I don't want to make this crazy longer than it needs to be.

SO I think that is all I can think of for now - just hoping someone may have some ideas, thoughts, something... suggestions? I am really trying to stay logical but I guess I am struggling a little bit because I cannot come up with anything, really. Thank you in advance!

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Curious if I should be worried or... what? Empty Re: Curious if I should be worried or... what?

Post by Cloud on Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:08 am

Hi there Ney

Welcome to mystic-sisterhood. We welcome males alike, good to have you.
Ok.. i read through all of your post and at first was trying to rationalize it like yourself and then i scrolled down further and noticed that you have been seeing a tall dark figure. To me , this gives me no doubt that you've likely seen a shadow person. Shadow people are nothing to be afraid of and i know myself and many other people i know have seen them througout our lives. I also have a frequent visitor who i'll catch out of the corner of my eye. Personally I always see this shadow figure when something specific is about to happen in my life, usually something involving my family. I'm not saying that is why you are seeing yours, but for me i've seen the shadow person so often i was able to link the sightings to things that were soon to come (not always bad at all)

In your case, it's a new property and i'd be interested to learn the history of the building you live in. All I could think of was to try and search the area, or even google your address to see if any major events have happened in your block or even in the building you're living in. I think with paranormal experiences it's hard to pinpoint exactly why activity happens , the best way to do it is by excluding other possibilties as you have done. The smells you are smelling in that room could still have a cause , are you sure there's no damp anywhere ? you said the room is ventilated well right?. I'm just thinking that in a laundry room maybe the moisture could be causing some damp, dampness doesn't always result in visible mould in the early stages, though I do believe you when you say it's bad. ... i'm guessing there probably isn't a window in there? i'd try and air the room out during the daytime, do you have a plug in fan you could use?. If there's a window, try and keep it open, is it next to a bathroom? make sure the bathroom is well ventilated as well, especially after showering, as you know steam can be a pain and cause moisture and damp that really has an awful smell , heat can make the smell of damp worse, as can extreme cold temps.

The door unlocking is a real concern. If i were you, i'd set up CCTV and be making sure that nobody else is involved. It sounds as though your friend is trying to convince you they are not involved but if it's only two of you there, is the door unlocking frm the inside only? or can it be unlocked from outside? what kind of lock is it?. Is everything else secure, are yu sure windows are locking correctly?/ Just be very careful. I would definitely be stepping up security measures, safety lights, even a chime for your main door so that it chimes when it's being opened. It's not likely it's a person doing it but at the same time you don't know yet, so just step up your security in the home. The only other person who should have a key is the landlord, however people can still get keys copied and even if the previous tenant handed in the key, they could still have a copy of it, especially if the landlord did not change the locks to the building. So be careful there. I'd set up a night cam, try and see what is going on, if nothing shows on that, i'd say that it most likely is paranormal and then we'll be sure that's something that needs to be focused on

Have you thought of smudging the home to clear the energies in there? it's a good idea to do when moving in to a new property. You don't know who has lived there or what's happened there, and energies from previous tenants could still be present. It may sound bizarre but it's true, cleansing your space is important. Sage smudge sticks can be bought online fairly cheap, amazon, ebay, or if you have a spiritual store nearby, it's worth going in to see if they sell them. White sage is good for purifying and clearing spaces, you light the end, and waft the smoke into each corner of every room. You can find some instructions here on mystic sisterhood by searching 'how to smudge your home' ...

i'll come back to this again later but feel free to join us in our psychic and paranormal chat rooms
chat times are 10pm onwards, daily. Be good to see yu there. Be sure to use the same username in chat if yu do come in, so we will know it is you.

Take care


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