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Birth marks and past life  5nvklj

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Birth marks and past life


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Birth marks and past life  Empty Birth marks and past life

Post by Cloud on Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:00 am

Some believe that birth marks are linked to our past lives.

it's been said by some that our birth marks can be connected to wounds in past lives. I wasn't really sure about it until I came to find this out. I don't feel it's past life related but it did get me thinking.

My dad was a soldier and was shot in the back as he jumped from a helicopter back in the war. He was very lucky, it missed his heart and he survived it but was left with permanent scarring on his back. My birth mark is in the exact place my dad was shot..

It was not until reading more about past lives I found that some others have experienced this or similar.
Clearly I was not him in a past life lol! but I always found this interesting.

past lives are not something I've delved into but i'm starting to read up a little on them and so far it's quite interesting.


Birth marks and past life  Jl2e89

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