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Share your signs from the Angels


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Share your signs from the Angels Empty Share your signs from the Angels

Post by Drifting~Cloud on Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:52 pm

Ever called upon the Archangels for help only to notice  a sign shortly after?
Share your experiences here,

We would love to hear them
Very Happy
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Psychic Reader
Psychic Reader

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Share your signs from the Angels Empty Re: Share your signs from the Angels

Post by YehaNoha on Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:49 am

Throughout the last couple of years... say maybe 4 since the passing of my mother... I have noticed numbers such as 11:11, 14:14, and 18:18... the one 11:11 has always stuck out to me... and for the longest time, I could not figure it out. Until recently. I finally made the correlation with it... I was born at 11 minutes to 11. It has become more prevalent in the last two years, and have gone through many changes. The other things that have become noticeable since the passing of my mother, and becoming more aware of things, are the presence of feathers... feathers that show up that really have no reason to be in the places I have found them. They vary in size, colour, and texture. I accept changes, and I accept these things as signs... some I catch, while others I do not... I just know that I say thank you to the unseen.


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Share your signs from the Angels Empty Re: Share your signs from the Angels

Post by lara1 on Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:05 am

Hi all,

I am very new here, I am a Scorpio.  As what I have read what Linda Goodman says about Scorpios they will get at some point into occult.  I am now at that point it seems.

Anyway, I am deeply in love with someone from very far away (another country) and we have contact each and every day since April 2019. We are both 3D artists and we met via art forum.  He today again say in email as also many times before that our friendship is just amazing and I am a very important part of his live (his words).  But we don't say the word 'love'.  I though get a very strong feeling that he feels the same way.  He is Aries.

I have got The Emperor Tarot card a few times, also as 'future' during last draw concentrating on him.  I have read a lot about this and it actually feels good.

Now to come to the point of this forum regards my experience with Archangels:

My feelings inside led me to the Archangel prayers. I got a prayer for Archangel Chamuel which I pray every day since I got it!  The 1st few prayers seems some signs happening, right away and soon thereafter.  The only way to get a sign, my friend and I communicate daily, is via Skype and emails.  But the signs (well I see it as signs), is Skype.  The very 1st time I pray to Archangel Chamuel, when my friend was offline for 40 minutes, all of a sudden he is online!  And I have experienced this some more times thereafter when he was long not active.  It is not really our Skype time and we do not Skype then for that reason.  Then he will go offline again without we Skyping after only a minute or so.  I do not discuss this with him in any way as I feel he is the male person and I have to wait for him to say something even if it takes long.  The fact is we are communicating for nearly 4 months which is really great as I have read about Aries males and Scorpio women.  But Archangel Chamuel in my opinion is definitely hearing my prayers.  I am actually not believing in coincidences at all.  I will at times staring at the Skype screen for long times out of our chat times, and he will come online but only for a minute or so and then away, at times a few times in a row going on and off.  The feeling in myself is so strong that I actually think he "see" me, however video is off.  I have no explanation for this other to link it to a strong bond between our souls and Archangel Chamuel! My love for him is very, very deep but I will wait for him to make the 1st move.


Why is no-one responding? This is so real to me!

Today I have another sign from Archangel Chamuel after a prayer. My friend was offline from Skype for more than 8 hours and just after I prayed, he is suddenly online for only a minute or so. But that is not all, I also got an email from him very soon after the prayer. This mean he was writing the email at the same time I prayed to Archangel Chamuel.

Yesterday another incident happened. My friend was online and I quickly sent him a Skype message (outside our normal chat time) that I am doing an artwork which I will share with him later during our normal chat the evening. You know what he written to me in Skype? He was at that very moment busy writing an email to me which I also got a few seconds later! How can this ever be coincidence? Never! Apart from the prayers to Archangel Chamuel, this is definitely Telepathy!! I have these telepathic experiences many times since we start Skyping and emailing. The amazing thing is he is staying close to the North Pole, whereas I am close to the South Pole. Does it sound crazy, or what!?

I never had any such experiences in my life before and I am almost 64!

Have anyone have such experiences and maybe an explanation? Please respond, I am really interested to know.


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Share your signs from the Angels Empty Re: Share your signs from the Angels

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