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Favourite Names ^_^


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Favourite Names ^_^ - Page 2 Empty Re: Favourite Names ^_^

Post by DeirdreMcCullough on Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:54 pm

I love names, name nerd here also. They're so important it's insane to think about. What a important task it is to give a child the name they will carry their whole life. My mother chose my birth name and it never suited me. She knew it, and also admitted she chose it at a time when although she liked it, she was angry with her family and rebelling against family naming traditions. So I wound up with a name she later thought I may not have had otherwise, and gave me permission to change when I wanted to adopt a family name that I felt suited me better. I chose my children's names with such care it hurt, they're meanings, initials, all of it. And they're named for special family members and people. Madeleine, Edmond, and Scarlett. IF I'd had another... favorite names that come to mind...

Vivien, Maureen, Irene, Clementine (Clemence), Bronagh, Catherine, Anna, Lola, Pelagia, Esperanza, Clement, Archer, Killian, Declan, Henry, Daniel, William, or Harold.
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Favourite Names ^_^ - Page 2 Empty Re: Favourite Names ^_^

Post by Charlotte on Tue May 22, 2018 6:17 am


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Favourite Names ^_^ - Page 2 Empty Re: Favourite Names ^_^

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