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I need a reading please 5nvklj

I need a reading please 9tpt39


I need a reading please

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I need a reading please Empty Re: I need a reading please

Post by PurpleGoddess on Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:45 am

Hi Luis Smile For your money and job concerns: In the past, you have been a very organized and thoughtful employee/person? That is what I am feeling. A lot of thought had went into your previous job or duty. Presently, you're realizing that you want and/or need a more meaningful life and that includes wanting more out of a career. You're also wanting to make a major career or life change. I am not sure if this applies to you, but I keep seeing you as a person who deals with nature or plants of some kind. Definitely an outdoor working person. For the future with your career, I see a lot of good fortune coming your way. Your dreams or wishes have a high probability of coming true. As I said in chat, all these things can change, as fate has her own will. As for your girlfriend in 2019...I pulled The Lovers card from my tarot deck. I am feeling two months for some reason. I would keep your eye out around April and see if anyone catches your eye. The Lovers card basically says that you will find true love and that you are worth it. I hope this helps.
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