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Are any of you superstitious ?  5nvklj

Are any of you superstitious ?  9tpt39


Are any of you superstitious ?


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Are any of you superstitious ?  Empty Are any of you superstitious ?

Post by Cloud on Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:14 pm

Wondering how many people here believe in superstitions ?
Is there anything you do / or don't do, to ward off bad luck or increase good fortune?

Let us know if there's anything big or small.

Some people are really in to it.. having lucky charms , talismans , days of the week they'll not do certain things .. and then the old wives tales like not walking under ladders and things .
I have to say i'm quite superstitious , was raised to be with my grandmother , she used to believe these little things. She would tell me things such as , if you drop your cutlery, you'll soon have a visitor. As funny as it sounds, that's never quite failed .. so little things like that got me wondering if it's a case of us just attracting certain situations , or misfortune, because we strongly believe in it?
As with the law of attraction ''what you pay attention to, grows'' kind of thing.

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Psychic Reader
Psychic Reader

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Are any of you superstitious ?  Empty Re: Are any of you superstitious ?

Post by Button on Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:13 am

I carry my little angel with me every day..if i see 1magpie I have to look around for another magpie...I won't walk under a ladder I believe in all sorts of supersticion

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