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A Shadow Person who warns me of a person soon to pass away - A few stories 5nvklj

A Shadow Person who warns me of a person soon to pass away - A few stories 9tpt39


A Shadow Person who warns me of a person soon to pass away - A few stories


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A Shadow Person who warns me of a person soon to pass away - A few stories Empty A Shadow Person who warns me of a person soon to pass away - A few stories

Post by Cloud on Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:21 am

Part 1 - First experience with premonitions of death, shadow people, and guides
Felt like sharing this with you, instead of instilling fear in you I hope you can view it from my perspective, but here goes.

It started years ago I was living on top of a very old pub. The pub itself was full of activity - the piano keys would be pressed in the middle of the night, when the bar staff would lock up (mind you, I was the only one living in the pub) but come 12pm the staff would leave and i'd be the only person in the place. The only thing separating my place from the bar was a door, so I could hear everything clearly. It was not unusual for me to get in to bed and start hearing a band playing downstairs in the pub whilst meanwhile it was empty. I'd hear the piano, guitar , etc. albeit very faintly, but definitely there. (Next door was a fish and chip shop with nobody living there, the other side was an ice cream parlour, so really the place was secluded. Anyway , with the pub having so much activity and with me being a medium it was not unusual for me to see shadows and feel followed, and hear noises. It didn't frighten me at all. But for around a week I had noticed I had a particular spirit following me around, it was a male shadow person from what I could gather at the time. He'd follow me on the staircase, i'd see flashes of him in the room, i'd see and sense him behind me and I didn't know what I needed to do if anything, or why he was ''latching'' on to me.

One evening I fell asleep and was woken very suddenly, I felt like someone had shaken me awake, but I lived alone. I was still sure someone or something had woken me so I got out of bed and opened the door to find nobody was there.

So I went back to bed- and soon after I had the strangest dream. I heard a voice tell me that ''paul is dead''.. I was then shown skulls (symbolic) and a skull and crossbones which we all associate with danger and death. It was strange but not frightening, I was asleep yet aware at the same time. The voice spoke to me again and said ''it's (nickname) he's really dead''. I woke up in a sweat, fed up with these morbid dreams , got a drink, checked the time, sat in the armchair for a while rolling a cigarette and finally decided to go back to sleep, again. The next time I fell asleep I was shown a building , the doorway to the building (I knew where it was, and I was confused why I was seeing this building in detail as though I was there. You could liken it to astral travel, I believe it was.)

I slept peacefully after that, woke up and did the usual in the morning. Then someone knocked on my door. I let him in and he looked distraught like he'd seen a ghost (bad pun) . I asked if he was ok, he said ''no chick, i'm not ok'' I told him come sit down . He said he had been to get his paper and had been told that Paul has been found dead.
We didn't know more about that. Just the rumours from trusted sources he had been found. We were clearly in shock but we got on with the day best we could until we could find out more.

Skipping ahead, it turned out, in the newspaper that paul had in fact died in the doorway of the building I had dreamt of that night. The voice who spoke to me in my dream was right. In fact, at the time I was dreaming this, paul (rest in peace) was recently deceased, probably within an hour or so. He fell unconscious in the snow, and the cold got to him within a short time. Died of hypothermia.

This experience was the first of what has now been  a 10 year journey of being able to predict others deaths , with my visions of shadow people. I don't believe they are negative in the slightest, I have proof that the shadow people are probably here to come and comfort me, and also those who are going to pass. I believe in short, the only reason we associate them as being negative is because of the appearance. But we need to remember that we are physically limited. Our eyes are only able to see so much , although we view spirit with the third eye, some of us can also see them as if they are in the room. Naturally we fear the unknown but I believe that even Angels, Loved ones, and Guides can appear as shadows. I'll keep sharing more on these shadow people in this thread today,  smiling also have a picture i'd like to share with you all and will talk a bit too about loved ones being close to those who are in the dying processes



A Shadow Person who warns me of a person soon to pass away - A few stories Jl2e89

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