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Are trees alive? 9tpt39


Are trees alive?

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Are trees alive? Empty Are trees alive?

Post by astraldreamer on Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:59 pm

Bit of a weird one but i need to share lol.

Me and my daughter were just having a discussion about vegans and vegetarians and talking about what can they can actually eat.

and we came up on the question are trees alive?

I told her I once watched a documentary about trees communicating with other trees and that it has been proven that trees scream when they are being cut.

so then a odd thought popped into my head that ive never really thought about before.

if a tree is alive, say a apple tree, does that mean that a apple is the apple trees baby?

maybe all fruit and vegetables are babies of trees and plants and were never intended to be eaten.

maybe they were meant to just grow and fall off the tree, rot or be eaten by other animals and then the seeds then grow into another tree, maybe that is how the tree life form reproduces.

if that's the case, what actually is there left that vegans can eat?

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