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Post by LishaSol27 on Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:44 pm

I know I can so.etimes fe ppls bae energy or bad intent towards me;and ig might sound nuts but I feel like in a way that I felt when my bro was gonna die. There was these 2 songs I couldn't listen to without bursting into tears and i had like...visions of someone in water drowning but I never saw their face . But it just felt like one of my brothers I just didnt know who. Until this day it bothers me bc the night he went out, I practically begged him not to go. I gave him the biggest hug. I just couldn't shake this bad feeling. I went out that night as well when I got back I must've called his phone 1000 times. Oddly it was around the time they said he passed away. Idk it was just so strange

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