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Welcome to the site everyone 5nvklj

Welcome to the site everyone 9tpt39

Welcome to the site everyone

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Welcome to the site everyone Empty Welcome to the site everyone

Post by Cloud on Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:59 am

Hi everyone

Welcome to our site.

We hope you feel settled and welcome here
The Mystic Sisterhood is a community for spiritual growth, psychic development, paranormal support and many other topics are covered here

The site is run by very generous hard working volunteers. No members here receive pay for their hard work and time, so please be kind to them all I love you

The site is fairly new but here are a few things we have planned:
Whilst organizing the Moderation & Admin Team, we will be arranging classes to be held in the chat rooms including but not limited to

Healing Circle
Classes on Grounding and Protection
Mediumship development groups
Practice Readings and Meditations.

We welcome those who wish to develop their reading skills but please bear with us, we need to set up reading guidelines and agreements, and come to an agreement on the process of being able to sign up to practice reading.

I'd like to personally thank all of the current admins and for all of you for joining us. If you have ideas on things we can add or that which you'd like to see here, let one of us know

Enjoy the forums

Psychic Reader
Psychic Reader

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