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Post by Smeggles18 on Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:45 pm

Hi I recently had someone pass away who meant the absolute world to me. And I feel lost without them. I wondered if anyone would be able to give me a reading. I really need this right now :/. Thank you
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Post by Dragon on Thu Jun 14, 2018 5:10 pm

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Welcome to Mystic Sisterhood Smeggles18. I love you

Nice meeting you.  :flower2:

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10pm GMT -- 6pm EST -- 3pm PST


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Post by Nolongeractive on Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:56 pm

Welcome to the site Smeggles

Great to have you join us hugs

As Dragon mentioned above I do Psychic / medium readings every Sunday in chat, feel free to join us. Chat is mobile friendly too peace

Sorry to hear of your loss, feel free to post in the forget me not meadow here on the forums, good to talk about your bereavement, seek out support from those who understand

Take care for now see you around


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Post by Saturn on Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:04 pm

Hey smeggles

Welcome, i'm new-ish here too. Been browsing the forums for a while but only just managed to register.

heartbeat  heartbeat My thoughts are with you, i'm sorry for your loss heartbeat  heartbeat

Ok,  I tried to connect for you and I actually saw three people.
May I ask was it a female you have lost most recently? I don't see specific ages but my gut feeling is they weren't very old at all. I get the impression that their life was taken way too soon, I feel they were quite young. Young in age or generally very young at heart, a playful,  fun, loving & witty person

If so, I feel they are with two other relatives, an older male and older female and I feel they are just fine. Look out for signs from them because they will definitely be around for you. The message I am hearing is you did all you could , you really tried to help me, thank you so much, we'll meet again, I promise and they just show me a single feather. I think feathers may be a way of them communicating and giving you signs, also with birds .... robins, or any birds that come close to you, I feel they are your loved ones way of saying i'm here
I also feel they are saying ''stay positive for me'' I feel that whilst life was cut short and seems somewhat shaded with negative in the months or weeks leading up to their passing, I want you to know they are completely free from suffering and they are so happy for all you did to help them. They are making that so clear and I feel they are gesturing to hold your hand.

There's a joke about make up, something funny about it. Would you understand that? hope so, I just see a pile of make up and they are laughing.. lol.. hopefully that makes sense to you. May be an inside joke or a memory of something but that's the last thing i'm shown. hope it helps you out and stay strong


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