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Near Death Experience 1


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Near Death Experience 1 Empty Near Death Experience 1

Post by Cloud on Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:49 pm

I've had two near death experiences here's what happened with the first

I'll summarize it otherwise i'll be rambling on, here are important parts.

First - I had been given an IV which I was both allergic to, and which was 7 years out of date. Somehow it had slipped past the pharmacist and two nurses who were meant to have checked the label before dispensing and administering it, they just went ahead and gave it to me on a fast infusion. I had had this medication before but for some reason it had an almost fatal reaction with me. Anaphylactic shock/Anaphylactic, which is the most severe case of an allergic reaction where your tongue, lips, and even throat swell up and can close up. Causing you to be unable to breath and if left you can die. So this happened to me, at first I noticed my lips swelling, they dismissed it, it got worse and worse over the space of around 5 mins. I started feeling dizzy, that's when I knew something was up. My arms were itching, lips swelling, dizzy and then I began to feel wheezy ... I felt my face, my tongue, lips , and now throat were closing up. Unable to talk , I pressed the bell waiting for a nurse (they were busy dealing with an emergency down the hall) so took a while to get to me. Someone else had noticed what was happening, they ran to me but that was the last image I saw. They told me to swallow something and I was out.

I passed out, and almost immediately I was out of my body. I was then a spirit like apparition, standing next to the bed which I was laying on. I had no idea what was going on, all I knew was I was an awareness. I could see, I could hear, I had the will to move, and I would move. Same as us automatically being able to walk when we want to, it was the same during this. If my will was to move across the room, I would find myself there. I was in utter shock but watching my physical self I half understood what was happening. My awareness was like thoughts we have. Not much changed I was just myself , outside of my body. The first thing I could ''think'' was... i'm dying, i'm dying, am I dead?

I moved away out of the medical bay, frantic, I could see everyone as normal. Looking down the corridor there was a misty fog and a figure of someone standing within it. I had an inkling this was someone else who had died within the hospital recently. I was frantic looking down at myself and I couldn't see my body, it started to hit me, i'm really dead, where do I go now?. Is this it?.

I went into the bathroom and was before a mirror, I was looking for my physical face, looking down to see legs, there was nothing. I was just a floating apparition. In a misty haze that kind of enveloped the ward. I stayed in the corridor just observing and feeling so sad for my relatives who had just witnessed this. I was not scared, I was more in shock at the process of leaving my body. I just thought... is this it ?. Now I understand more about it but at the time I had hardly heard about near death experiences. I thankfully made a full recovery after they had given me adrenaline and other things to counteract it. I was wiped out and slept most of the next few days but I made it out fine.

The memory of this will always stay with me and I now understand when others say they left, and could see /hear everything around them.


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