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Conversations with Babies (Pre-Conception)

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Conversations with Babies (Pre-Conception) Empty Re: Conversations with Babies (Pre-Conception)

Post by Cloud on Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:37 pm

Nothing surprises me anymore, i'd say it's possible. I look at it this way...

We are souls having a physical living experience
conception is our growth in the physical...the growth of our physical bodies (temporary) .. souls live on.. prior to physical life, during, and after (my opinion)
I know we can connect with them. See them/sense them... during any stage, if we can during physical and after I have no doubt it's possible. But then that also brings the questions ....
when are we assigned to our families?... (if that's the right term)

Are we assigned to families, do we choose? etc

Babies, born/ conceived or not, are souls (in essence)
Not the same as spirit.. but very similar

I also believe things happen in divine timing, when they are supposed to
I don't know, see free will comes into timing but I also think there are bigger plans beyond our knowledge / intuition. ''If it's meant to be, it will be ''
and ''it'll happen when the time is right'' ....

So, I think yes. It must be possible. Maybe not common, but not impossible either

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