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Post by Rikutsu on Fri Dec 06, 2019 8:17 am

I'll start off by saying hello, as I just joined. So hello! XD I'm excited to of stumbled across this site, as I've always held a bit of a fascination with the supernatural and it's great to see a forum dedicated to talking about all things otherworldly! There is quite a lot to explain about the things I've experienced since childhood, which have only intensified over the years. Now, it's at the point where I really do need help. I don't know what I can do to deal with these things and I'm doubtful that I can just "make it all go away". we go. I'll try to keep things as simple and short as possible lol.

The first time I noticed, really noticed that what I could sense, see and hear wasn't "normal" was when I was a teenager. Not sure what age I was, but things went from me believing my adoptive parents telling me I was imagining things or that I was sick to me starting to consider that what I was sensing was real, I was the only one around me who could sense such things and that I probably shouldn't talk about them anymore. I never really had many experiences that could peg me as a psychic or anything, but I could certainly sense things that other people couldn't. Until recently (over the past year), I just assumed that I was more sensitive than others to that stuff. Plus, I had learned when I hit my 20s that I was an empath and a psivamp. So chalked everything up to that. And to be honest, I still don't know how to control my empathic ability, nor do I fully grasp how to use energy, which has led me to bouts of illness that can't be explained by doctors. I'm fairly reclusive, but I do spend time with my landlord and his family. I always end up feeling better after a visit, but if I spend too much time around others, I become anxious and am left feeling drained.

Anyway. This past year, my experience with spirits has become increasingly more frequent and more intense. As I'm writing this, I had an experience that was accompanied by a physical effect, which has never happened before. At least, not to such a degree where I had to actually leave the area. For the most part, I do not acknowledge the presence of spirits or entities that manage to make themselves known to me. Despite everything, I've been a firm skeptic as much as I have been able to, since I never wanted to believe anything that was happening.

But I can't ignore it any longer. There must be something I can do to protect myself, right? Or to somehow manage what is happening? I know about shielding, but that doesn't seem to be of any help. I still have spirits calling out to me from time to time, the feeling of being watched in broad daylight when no one is around...I even accurately guessed the death of a friend's son's grandmother, when I had only just met her and was invited to her home. And to be frank, I'm not even sure what possessed me to say anything to them. I just spoke without thinking.

I was also wondering if a recent death of someone who I was close to could of caused the intensity? Although, this death occurred some time after I began experiencing the rising frequency of these things. So yeah. Any advice on all of this would be greatly appreciated.

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