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Seeing a medium? Consider this


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Seeing a medium? Consider this Empty Seeing a medium? Consider this

Post by Cloud on Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:21 pm

More thoughts.....

Over time, I've come to meet some amazing psychics and mediums who have blown me away even though i'm already a believer..
I've met some readers who are absolutely perfect at what they do (Like our Dragon) and then I've met some who are getting there, developing and really keen and able. Then maybe a small few who are really not in this for honesty and helping, but are sadly around to scam and betray and well.. take money from vulnerable people who are in desperate need of help

Please please please (not just on mystic sisterhood) but be very careful about information you give out. A fake psychic ( cold reader ) can get so so much from you if you give them your name, age or date of birth, your location , your workplace/career, or even telling them about your family and little seemingly innocent things like this.
Online as well. You'd be surprised how someone could just google your name or tap it in to facebook and suddenly they see your engagement post or, your pics of your new house, children, or a post on a recent bereavement. Be very careful. I share this with care because I really want to remind people that fakes are out there and they'll prey on who they can.

I'm not saying all psychics are this way, but you just don't know. Be very cautious if they ask you for any revealing information like your full name, your age alone can tell a lot about where you might be in your life. Not much. but you see.. age, date of birth, location, ... your facebook profile... and anything else, can reveal so much about you. Make sure you do a little research on the websites, the psychics.

Experienced does not always mean truthful...
and feedback is great, but you should still do your research. Ask your psychic as many questions as you can. Get to know them a little bit. Look in to them. Not even those who are charging you but be wary of free psychics who give you a read them push for money for a full reading. You should know yourself after so long whether the reader is connecting to you. Above all, don't give out more information than you really need to.

I once went for a reading and was wearing a ring on my engagement finger. She glanced down at my hand and said I was soon to marry. I noticed she had looked. I said to her I was not and she said what a lovely ring. I told her yes thank you, this was my aunt's who had given it to me an I had been single for quiiite a while. I never went back. Be as neutral as you can.

Seeing a medium? Consider this Jl2e89

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