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Basic Chat Room Safety


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Basic Chat Room Safety Empty Basic Chat Room Safety

Post by Cloud on Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:18 am

Hello everyone panda
Just a friendly reminder from us all cupid

Mystic sisterhood is fully modded, we have experienced moderators both in chat and in our forums. We put our member's safety first, that's an absolute priority for each and every one of us yellowflowers

Mods are always here if you need help, feel free to contact one of us if you have any problems rainbow
We'll be happy to help you.

As a friendly reminder, to keep this site safe, please be very cautious before you give away your personal details. That includes sharing photos, emails, social media links and adding friends off site.
None of us can really know who we are talking to unless we've gotten to know them over time. There may be times where you feel pressured to share such information including your date of birth. Remember, you are not obliged to share with anybody and we strongly advise to keep your personal information as private as you can.

Mystic sisterhood will never ask for such information, only on the basis where we need to verify age of a member as we do have age-restricted readings. We do welcome younger members in our forums but chat is age 16 above only.

Please do not nag someone for information - please do not ask others for social media or invite offline. It will result in an instant ban. Please- always talk to a moderator before advertising yourself or someone else. We understand you may have services to offer and share and we'll always be open to the option of letting you share, but as a respectable site that puts members and quality first ALWAYS, you must talk to us before doing any of the above

As always, Dragon is our administrator, if you need help, talk to them, or one of the mods
Cloud, Mermaid, Yehanoha...
Purplemoon, Astraldreamer  and Mario.

Anybody who does disrespect our members, staff or site by doing any of the above and other violations .. you'll be banned without hesitation. As an adult, you will know when you are doing wrong.
Let's keep this site a good, safe place to be flower1 where no readers feel pressured and members alike,
We are a voluntary, high quality site that has members in mind first.
If you need help, our address is but we would advise first talking to a moderator in the Paranormal Psychic Chat Rooms


Take care,  Mystic-Sisterhood Admin Team

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Basic Chat Room Safety Empty Re: Basic Chat Room Safety

Post by Saturn on Sat Sep 15, 2018 1:23 am

I agree to follow site rules Smile sounds fair to me basic enough to understand!
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Basic Chat Room Safety Empty Re: Basic Chat Room Safety

Post by Button on Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:30 am

I agree it's good we have rules hugs

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Basic Chat Room Safety Empty Re: Basic Chat Room Safety

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