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Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me. 5nvklj

Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me. 9tpt39


Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me.


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Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me. Empty Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me.

Post by Alfuris on Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:24 am

I dont generally run to forums for help. But i am at my wits end. I have what seem to be defined as precognative dreams and THEY ARE INCESSANT. I really just want them to stop. Ive had them since i was about ten and every time during the dream and the event which could be days to years apart it fills me with dread. Not fear, goosebumps or even a sense of deja vu. IMMEDIATE DREAD. The kind one feels when they turn around and see a rabid wild dog bearing its teeth. "That feeling of holy shit the world is ending." Every scientific study and article ive found just describes it as a feeling of "huh, thats strange." Or some major event like a terror attack. I just dont have those.

This seems to run in my family in various forms. My mother can teel you if something with happen or not intuitively but not why or when. My brother has dreams like mine varying in perfect detail and first or third person though he refuses to discuss them. I dont k ow what my father had but my mother makes it sound like he wa s much clearer than anyone else in the family just "knowing" things like my mother. Future events and current events only.

I know that even on a psychic board i probably sound like some kind of a nutjob. But i am seriously terrified and cant stop this. If i try to change the dreams they happen, if i dont try they happen anyways. Sometimes i can even see multiple sets of dreams that predict different outcomes in one specific case this was being homeless at different times over the course of what seem to be a year or two. One of these saw my mother dying and being evicted. The second saw us homeless, her dying shortly after. The third saw our good friend and neigbor dead along with at least one more in a seperate apartment building, its all hazy. And a fourth ive only recently pieced together and that is frightening me the most seems to be my avoidance of outcomes 1 and 2.

We were fighting a raw sewage leak in our government funded apartment building for the past 2 years, we lost a year ago and became homeless. The leak has spread into several adjacent units filled with good friends who are elderly. A woman named Kate whom my mother was very fond of died 4 months ago after we failed to get the government to fix it. 2 more are having strokes and have mold poisoning in addition to the sewage.

I dont want sympathy i can cope with life. Shit happens but i want to feel like i have a choice in determining the outcome. I really just hope someone on here knows how to stop these dreams. The next set is also grim and currently ongoing. And if i mess this up everyone in the apartments i am trying to save will become homeless rather than seeing the complex rebuilt as is in the stautes. Additionally we coukd become homeless again and im unsure where my mother is in these dreams.

I should note these dreams usually seem to be warning about my addiction to videogames, ive been disabled for most of my life. However when i try to not play games the dreams come through other mediums. Such as television in the backround even if im not watching it. Another popular one is just glancing out the window and the lawn. i cant win for losing.

I dont know if people in this site believe in demonds or something but im very scared im seeing things i shouldnt be. When i was 10 i tried to "hone" this gift. I left myself open and every time i did near the end of the dream i would wake up incapable of breathing like something metaphorically strangled me. My mother and Grandmother claim this is spirits on the other side telling me to stop. This usually happens after an intese feeling of dread like somethjng is seriously wrong. I dont mean to pry., i occasionally pray to God for direction and recieve a dream that night. I also pray for them to stop on occasion and get one that night. Im seriously at my wits end.

Anyhow im sorry for the rant. None of these dreams had much bearing on life until the last 3 years. I didnt even dream about having to nurse my moher on her deathbed for the 4 years prior to this. Youd think if hese were warnings that would have been a good one to prevent the accident she had. I didnt get one for it which leads me to believe im doing something to cause these dreams, but the more i try and stop the more frequently the outcomes ive seen occur. Likewise the more i try and have the dreams to understand whats going onthe more i have them YEARS in advance. I just cant win. The dreams onky pertain to MY life and surroundings no one elses aside from my family.

Its beginning to impede my judgement on serious issues in life including how to handle daily activites. Every dream i have conflicts with another and i HAVE to stop them. I use to base every decision on ethic and logic but im turning into an emotional wreck, if it helps im in my mid twenties. Im told they should should should subside some by 30 but i dont have time to wait.

The dreams seem to come in cycles of a month to a year of TONS of dreams. Then followed by a year or two of very few dreams with many of them if not all coming true. Includng the bulk of the previous dream phases dreams. I dont know if this helps.

Again i know i must sound insane but im just desperate. If anyone knows anything please tell me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. And i am sorry for the sob story i just feel the information may be important to obtaining an answer.

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Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me. Empty Re: Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me.

Post by 99100 on Wed Jul 11, 2018 3:04 pm

Hi Alfuris

No need to be sorry at all for writing so much, you are right it helps us all to understand things better

Welcome to Mystic-sisterhood, it's great to have you join. hugs

Our site's aim is to connect with those who are struggling as you are, help others find answers and to learn from one another. Whilst being gifted can be great it can also feel isolating and frightening at times, even to those of us who are experienced, making sense of these premonition dreams and glimpses into the future can be difficult.

I feel you have every right to be scared after what you shared, not only are you dreaming of these things but you are seeing physical evidence as with the homelessness. So sorry to hear about that too. You also mentioned a worry because you saw your mother die in one of them. I really don't want you to worry too much about your mother in this, I know you are probably terrified because your dreams do manifest but discount this one for a second because I will tell you why

Premonition dreams are very common but with most of us they happen only a few times a year, if that.. I think when the frequency of them increases we also must consider that not all of the details in them needs to be listened to. I don't feel we are always shown them because they will happen exactly as shown, but sometimes they are here to reflect inner fears we have (many of us see people dying in them) and end up scared like you are

The reason I say try not to worry too much about mum is this... I have had premonition dreams for years and years where I will see a relative dying. It has caused me so much stress over the past 8 years or so and just consumed me with anxiety. Meanwhile none of them have passed.. none in the dreams anyway. I now look back and I notice that yes, they were predicting many things, but I feel the deaths in them reflected my inner fears of loss. If there is a death we can also see it as an ending, not always meaning the physical loss of life. A death may show in a dream when something is about to end.. so depending on all the smaller factors and taking those into consideration, we can sometimes piece them together to find alternate meanings.

What I do now is I look up the smaller details ... if you see an animal, looking to see what the animals/objects are symbolic of can help. We tend to apply one meaning to these dreams, if you step back and you look at the smaller details . . you may find you are able to de-code them and apply them to life as it is currently

I can understand why you feel at your wits end I really can. Is your mum unwell right now? are you able to talk to her about any of these dreams you are having?

Do you believe in Angels? do you pray?
I don't know if you are but I always think praying can't hurt. If anything is causing us distress sometimes it helps to pray to your God, if you are religious, the Angels, Ascended masters etc and ask them to lighten your load and make this easier on you.
A short prayer such as

''God/Angels/Ascended masters.. I am grateful for my spiritual gifts but I am unable to cope with the intense premonitions being shown to me, they are causing me confusion and distress. Please lighten my load and show me things which I really must see, to move forward in a positive way, Please filter out unnecessary visions so I may focus on what I need to be aware of for everyone's highest good, so I may discount the rest. Thank you''

Hope this help you..if you like you are welcome to post your dreams here and maybe the others can help you make sense of them, or find alternative meanings

Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me. Jl2e89
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Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me. Empty Re: Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me.

Post by Saturn on Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:13 am

Hey, how are things going

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Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me. Empty Re: Im not sure what to make of my dreams. They terrify me.

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