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Repelling Negativity Sent your way. 9tpt39

Repelling Negativity Sent your way.

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Repelling Negativity Sent your way. Empty Repelling Negativity Sent your way.

Post by Cloud on Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:20 pm


  1-  Raise your personal energy vibrations
   2- Picture the person (sending you negativity) inside a bubble to keep their negativity inside
   3- and whilst picturing the person inside the bubble say the following (or chant if you prefer)

Chant the following , three times

All acts of negativity
will now return threefold to thee.
All bad you try to send my way
upon your own self will hold sway.
All actions, thoughts and words of hate
become your own decided fate.
By all up high, the worlds and wise
by oceans wide and deep blue skies
by day and night, and powers three
this is my will, so mote it be!

it's suggested it's best to do this spell in the morning

since the bubble encloses their energy it keeps not only the negative in but the positive so they will be healed if they are positive

The higher your vibration/ the more positive energy you canraise before the spell, the longer it will last  and stronger effects.

Good for:
Teenagers dealing with Bullies
Harassment in the workplace
Negativity being sent your way by anyone who has a negative motive in your life (to cause mayhem)
Difficult neighbours
Anyone you believe is wishing bad things upon you or others
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