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Post by Peace2all on Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:43 am

In anticipation, I am sorry if this post sounds too kiddish but I have this thought stuck in my mind and don’t know why ..
There is this person whom I always think about. He is close to my heart but we live far away from each other.
I keep seeing his last name, which is very unique, in terms of not being too popular .. I see a word that is actually not his last name but if you read that word partially you can actually read the name in there. Like a word inside another word.. sort of like a hidden message..
I’m not sure if I am explaining this very clear....
For example if the last name was “nun” and I repetitively see the words pro-nun-ciation, or e-nun-ciate or , i-nun-dation.. etc..
I would be seeing that in different occasions and with different words.
I was checking on my email and then there was an offer and in between the 2 first sentences, there you can read that again .. it feels like my eye catches it right away..
It’s kind of funny!
Makes me excited!

Do you think it’s because I am going crazy thinking too much about him?
Am I being delusional or could it be some sort of mental communication in the distance?
My mind wonders.. I want to believe he thinks about me too
My intuition says, of course but I try to remember that a lot of this happens only in my head..
Anyway.. It feels good to write it down and share here.
I thank in advance all the feedback and inputs always, very appreciated

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....Signs???... Empty Help needed from a medium

Post by Missy on Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:49 am

Hi, I need help from a medium, a person who can connect me with any loved ones who have passed on and help recive any messages spirit has for me, thank you hope to hear back from a medium soon 😇

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