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Favourite causes and charities? 9tpt39

Favourite causes and charities?

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Favourite causes and charities? Empty Favourite causes and charities?

Post by Cloud on Sun Jul 08, 2018 3:10 pm

Thought this may be worthwhile

Do you have any petitions charities or good causes that you like to support when possible?
feel free to share them below and let others know what they are about peace
Gofundme's are welcome with permission first

I was reading into the health lottery here in the uk and I like what they do. You can play lottery but a big amount of proceeds go into good causes and projects for those with health problems. At least when you lose you know it's (partially) going into something worthwhile giving for.

I've done a lot of fundraising over the years for UK charities Tommy's, The intensive care foundation and The Samaritans/Mind. Those last two i'll always keep close to my heart as I feel they make a huge difference in people's lives. It's reassuring to know there is telephone support available 24/7 if need be, for people in despair. So I like those.
Which ones do you like to support?

PS I think of support as being in many ways, not just giving huge amounts £$ to. But even sharing, following, and promoting/raising awareness for them.... without people doing that there would be no donations, so it all counts

I love you

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